Friday, 20 November 2009

Fun Rail for a Friend


Tuesday went as planned, for me, on the 08:34 train. But a reliable source tells me that once I got off at Central, things went rather downhill (well, I suppose that's only to be expected).

The train successfully made it to Botanic without a hitch (very impressive), but once stopped at the student station, the train was unable to get started again. My friend was thoroughly absorbed in a book and didn't notice the lack of locomotion. She only started to realise that something was wrong when the doors continued that really annoying beeping sound. For
15 minutes. Open, close, beepedy beepedy. Open. Close. Beepedy beepedy. That get's old fast.

Eventually, all the passengers were requested to get off the train and stand on the platform. At that point, the train then took off without them! Hilarious. Maybe the conductor was just fed up with them all. I can appreciate that. Commuting to work can be a very noisy, unpleasant affair. I'd love to be able to get everyone else of the train sometimes, too.

After 5 minutes on the platform, another train pulled in at Botanic. A lot of people got off. Most of them, even. All the previously discarded passengers, though, couldn't wait to get on. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen, eh Translink. The train then pulled out of the station, with this announcement:

"This train will not be stopping at Great Victoria Street, all passengers for Great Victoria Street please change at City Hospital"!

You would be too.

So at the very next stop, all our little lost friends had to get off (again), and wait for a(nother) train to finally take them to Great Victoria Street. With 25 minutes of delay. Delicious.

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