Sunday, 15 November 2009

Oops They Did it Again

Tu 10/11/09

Ever feel like this?

Tuesday. The 07:34 was announced as 13 minutes delayed. This began to feel a lot like Monday, only with announcements. Minutes later the announcement lady (should that be 'announcetress'?) told us that it would be 20 minutes.

Again, the mysterious 'signal fault' appears to be to blame. I just know a lot of my posts here are going to involve that nebulous, impossible-to-pin-down phrase. I have a good story about the lethal combo of 'wheel slip' and 'signal fault' that happened within the past few months, but I'll save that for a no-news week. If one ever happens.

So on the morning of the 10/11/09 (yes that is a clue - I'll be back with more on the second half of this eventless journey) the scene was:

Personal time wasted on this journey: 20 mins
Cumulative personal time wasted by Translink: 48 mins
Total cost of my delayed journeys to the economy: £10.32
Frustration factor: Peeved [I ended up slightly late to work]

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