Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Week That Was

w/e 22/11/09

I took the bus and train in and out of work four times this week (Monday - Thursday), and on Friday I did a one-way journey inward bound (got a lift home).

Monday was more than 5 minutes late, even as judged by 'Translink Own Time'. I'm also having difficulty classing Tuesday's train as a success, since it went on to Epic Fail shortly after Central Station.

I'm giving this week a 55.5% (recurring).

Two not-up-to-scratch days out of four and a half day's travelling.


  1. so really there's been a 5.5%(recurring) improvement on last week.

    Following this trend they will hit the utopian climax of travel perfection sometime around 17th January 2010...then your blog will be over and your work will be done...

    ..i hope noone is holding their breath on this one

  2. The day I have three 100% weeks in a row on Translink travels, the drinks are on me! Seriously, I mean that. I reckon no matter how much you drink I'll still be laughing harder!