Monday, 14 December 2009

Translink and Timeliness - Poles Apart?


Tuesday. I got on the 17:43 train, opened my book, started reading. I started to think maybe I was developing a new superpower - the ability to read through dozens of pages before the train even pulled out of Central Station. A look at the faces of my fellow passengers, however, did not reveal the astonished amazement that such a superpower would naturally inspire. No, there was no confusing that look, we were delayed. Might as well
get back to reading people, we may 'be here some time'.

Many, many pages later, the train eventually pulled out of the station at 18:00, Translink Own Time.

This is why I'd reccommend all Larne-Liners (maybe even all Translinkers) take up reading or buy an MP3 player. It's better than staring out at the platform for 17 minutes.

Lawrence Oates' verdict - "Not hot"

Personal time wasted on this journey: 17 mins
Cumulative personal time wasted by Translink: 111 mins
Total cost of my delayed journeys to the economy: £23.87
Frustration factor: That's why I bring a book

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