Monday, 11 January 2010

Cold Shoulder

w/e 13/12/09

Travel was largely OK this week, especially considering the adverse weather we've been having. It was apparently the coldest December since 1981 ( - so it's a pleasant surprise that while the roads were often impossible, the rails remained dependable...

My only complaints were on my journey in to Stormont on Friday the 8th January. The 08:51 train was announced as delayed (but I was in too much of a rush to verify this at Central and so won't be counting it) due to a fault on a previous train. Then when I got to the bus stop opposite Central on East Bridge Street, something weird was going on. Maybe it wasn't just me running late, the bus digital display was showing arrival times of around 8:20, and this was around twenty past nine. So that was confusing, for me, anyway. Maybe the cold weather was freezing the information in the wires - that's probably it.

Finally I got my bus, climbed to the top carriage of the double decker, and nearly froze to death. There was ice on the inside of the bus.

No joke, real, frozen water.

At least, mostly frozen. The black metal window frames were completely frosted over, as were large portions of the ceiling. Sitting in the window seat, the ice on the window frame was literally inches from your head. It musn't have been much above zero degrees. Towards the front, as the ceiling defrosted during the journey, it 'rained' onto fellow passengers, who had to move seats. Now that doesn't happen every day!

I'm giving last week a score of 4 out of a total possible 4.5 days' travel.

88%, with kudos for keeping public transport moving while the rest of NI froze to a standstill.